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You have a product coming out. You know you need an email campaign to generate the right leads – but you have got questions. Like: Is there a universal successful structure to how top-performing product emails go? Are there any ‘magic words or phrases’ that go with that? Magic pain buttons to push? How do pro marketers lay the foundations for their successful products before they even send the first email? Our email examples can show to you how.We have carefully handpicked examples from pro marketers with successful businesses to help you create high-conversion email campaigns to launch your product. Click on any of the templates below to learn more. Also, scroll further down to know what these kinds of emails are and why you need one.

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About Product Launch Email Sequences:

Product Launch Email Templates​

Although there are a few other ways to launch your product, product email campaigns are perhaps the most effective. The product launch email templates on our website can be adapted to nearly any kind of product your business offers. You can use them as models to structure your campaign to get the right results. 

You can have your marketing team go through our library and find examples similar to your industry to give them an idea on how to create yours. Or if you have already created your own emails, you can use our collection as a template to be sure you have crossed all the T’s. 

Bear in mind that even a great product can fail if it is poorly launched into the target market. This makes using the right template all the more important.

What is a product launch email sequence?

It is a series of email messages designed to help announce your product and convert subscribers into customers. It is used to get your subscribers aware of your product, excited about it, and willing to pay for it. Product email campaigns are an effective way to get the word out about your upcoming product. But it is crucial to have a solid email structure before your new product announcement. That’s where we come in. Our library has got examples that will help you find the right idea to kick start your campaign.

Why Use A Product Launch Email?

Because it is an excellent way to share your new product with your audience. It is important to determine your target audience and what message will resonate best with them. Email is the best channel to make new product announcements because the person’s on your list are already familiar with your brand. These emails help portray you as an expert on the topic you’re building a product around, and gain the trust of your audience. Not only can they be used for raising awareness of your product outside of your company, but they can also be used to communicate valuable information about the launch to those inside of your company. Check out some interesting samples in our gallery to learn more.

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