Webinar Email Examples

Webinar Email Examples

Looking for inspiration for your webinar email campaign? Improve your emails with these handpicked webinar email examples by the best marketers. Learn from their email templates and grow your business!

Webinar Email Templates

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What is a webinar exactly?

A webinar is a live online workshop or presentation in which the presenter teaches his knowledge to a group of subscribers. It is actually the combination of the words “seminar” and “web”. A webinar is interactive because subscribers can ask questions (usually via chat) that the presenter can answer. Webinars tend to take between 30-90 minutes (including Q&A at the end). The goal of a webinar is usually to sell a product or service at the end. The first part of the webinar is used for teaching, followed by a sales pitch of a product that is connected to the subject. It is a very successful strategy that is used by many of the top marketers in both the information- and software product markets to sell high priced products or software subscriptions (saas). Usually marketers host webinars to their own email list of email subscribers, but another great strategy is to host webinars for other people their email list. This is called a "partner webinar" and can grow your customer base fast.

Why use a webinar email sequence?

In order to sell successfully on a webinar, you need to have a lot of people attending. That’s why most webinar email campaigns start with a couple of emails that make sure subscribers actually attend. The second  part of the webinar email sequence is focused on getting attendees to buy the offer that was made on the webinar. If people did not attend the webinar, usually the emails contain a link to the webinar replay and a description of the offer which was made. Check out some great webinar email examples below!