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Creating any type of email campaign can be tricky. We know. And that's why we have built the world's largest collection of webinar email examples samples to help ignite that spark of creativity in you. While webinars have been around quite some time now, the rise of video content has made this form presentation exceptionally effective. You want to use the most effective content form for your marketing if you want to get substantial returns on your efforts. That’s why emails are important to the success of your webinar, which is why you need solid, real life samples. To help you improve, we have gathered top performing webinar invitation emails from the best marketers. You can learn a ton of things from studying the templates in our gallery. If you are new to creating these types of emails, read below to know what webinars are and why they are important to your business.

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Webinar Email Templates​

Regardless of the type of webinar you have decided to use, you will find the right webinar email template in our collection to match it. Our library is robust and features samples from actual campaigns run by top marketers and companies. It also features webinar invitation templates and webinar reminder emails to help you create a well-rounded webinar campaign. And just so you know, every single one of these examples in our database has produced impressive results for their authors. Therefore, if you are looking to get returns on your webinar marketing investment, dig into our archive and soak up some inspiration. But first…

What is a webinar exactly?

A webinar is a live online workshop or presentation in which the presenter teaches his knowledge to a group of subscribers. It is actually the combination of the words “seminar” and “web”. A webinar is interactive because subscribers can ask questions (usually via chat) that the presenter can answer. Webinars tend to take between 30-90 minutes (including Q&A at the end). The goal of a webinar is usually to sell a product or service at the end. The first part of the webinar is used for teaching, followed by a sales pitch of a product that is connected to the subject. It is a very successful strategy that is used by many of the top marketers in both the information- and software product markets to sell high priced products or software subscriptions (saas). Usually marketers host webinars to their own email list of email subscribers, but another great strategy is to host webinars for other people their email list. This is called a "partner webinar" and can grow your customer base fast.

Do you know how you have presentations, workshops, seminars, or lectures with stage, lights, speakers, projector, and seats in a real location? Well, when you take that and host it online, that’s called a webinar. The word actually comes from smashing the words “seminar” and “web” together. They are interactive and related to a business offering a product or service. Because webinars are highly interactive, they can be used to build relationships with customers and also a way to establish authority. Webinars have nigh infinite possibilities, for instance, during the pandemic, many businesses used webinars to hold meetings with their teams. Generally, webinars are used to promote a product or service, but they usually start out with sharing free information. While most webinars are organized for a pre-existing email list, they can be used to attract people outside the list. This makes webinars highly effective for building an audience of people who are interested in your product or service. Our library is growing every day and currently covers nearly every industry.

Why use a webinar email sequence?

In order to sell successfully on a webinar, you need to have a lot of people attending. That’s why most webinar email campaigns start with a couple of emails that make sure subscribers actually attend. The second  part of the webinar email sequence is focused on getting attendees to buy the offer that was made on the webinar. If people did not attend the webinar, usually the emails contain a link to the webinar replay and a description of the offer which was made. Given the increase in popularity and adoption of video content, webinars have become a pretty successful way to get the word out about your business. However, you need to create an effective email sequence if you want to get a ton of attendance in your webinar. Webinar mails give you the opportunity to:

  • 1) Tell your audience what benefits to expect in your webinar (using a webinar invitation template);
  • 2) Sell you audience on your product/service and get them excited about it;
  • 3) Disclose the date & time you’ll go live and the link to attend it;
  • 4) Remind your audience about attending your webinar (using a webinar reminder email);
  • 5) Give out link to the webinar reply for those who may have missed it.
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