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About Free Trial Email Sequences:

Free Trial Email Templates

Why figure out what to write in your free trial emails yourself? Stop staring at the blank page and model what the leaders in your industry are doing to convert their free trial users...

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Why use a free trial email sequence?

A free trial is used to give customers the opportunity to try out the product before purchasing. The free trial model is mostly used by software (saas) businesses and usually ranges from 7-30 days. The simpler the product is, the shorter the free trial usually is. The goal of the free trial email sequence is to get the user to use the product and purchase. A big part of this is getting the free trial user to purchase, is getting them to the “AHA” moment where they realise the added value of the product. That’s why most businesses focus on their most important features during the free trial email sequence. This encourages user adoption of their product and increases the chance of the sale.

How to create a free trial email sequence

If you want to create a good free trial email sequence, here are a few tips to make it really awesome:

1 - Figure out which steps lead to experiencing the full value of your product (the "AHA" moment)
2 - Create an email sequence to match those steps (for example: Install script on your website, Create your first pop up, launch it)
3 - Show your free trial users whats possible. What does the end result look like? More money? Save time?
4 - Teach your subscribers how to use your tool to the fullest. Use case studies, blogs, video's, whatever you can
5 - Include an offer. Dont just say 'upgrade here' or 'insert your payment details here'. Really offer them something awesome (include a bonus for extra urgency).

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