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Winback Emails

Is your inactive customer list getting longer? Are you getting unsubscribe notifications faster than you can blink? Do you find your customer engagement with your brand has dropped significantly? What you need is a win back campaign to get things back up. But you probably don’t know how to create high-conversion emails and are looking for inspiration to do so. We have got what you need. Our database has a robust collection of some of the most kickass win back email samples on the internet. Studying these winback emails will give you the clue you need to create your own campaign. Ready to get started? Click on any sequence below to learn more.

Win back Emails

Our win back email example collection isn’t made up of just any random bunch of emails scraped off some website somewhere. They are all live examples that are currently reviving inactive customers for their authors. They were written by hardcore successful marketers. Therefore, you can trust that if you apply the same ideas in them, you’d get the same results. What’s more? You can use them for any type of business regardless of what kind of products you sell or platform you sell on. And so… Don’t know how to start? Don’t know what the right win back customer email looks like? Don’t have a clue about what to say in your email? Just hit any example above and you’d have these questions answered.

What Is a Win Back Email Campaign?

This is a series of personalized emails targeted at inactive customers. It is designed to cause your customers to interact with your email messages, and more importantly, you call-to-actions. It’s common to find that over time people stop interacting with your email messages. That sucks, but it’s normal. With an effective win back email campaign, you can get your email list buzzing with activities again. The strategy you choose to use depends on a number of factors such as your kind of business and customer preferences. Regardless of that, you can find the right sample emails to win old customers to your business in our collection.

Why Use a Win Back Email Campaign?

A win back email campaign can help you revive your inactive email subscribers and get them engaging with your content again. But more than that, it is a customer retention technique that can help you get back as much as 10% of your churning customers. The major benefits of running an email campaign to target inactive customers are:

  • 1) It is 50% easier to sell to existing customers than to new prospects. This is simply because over time your old customers have come to trust your business. And so, it can help restore lost engagement.
  • 2) It costs 5 times less than chasing new customers.
  • 3) Improves customer experience and loyalty.
  • 4) It can improve readership in inactive subscribers by 45%.
  • 5) It can help convince customers who may be thinking of defecting to your competitors to stay with you.

With these benefits, you should be excited to get started writing your own emails. Why not pick an example, learn, and grow your business.

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