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Are you looking for inspiration for your onboarding email sequence? You have come to the right place! We have got the largest onboarding email examples collection in the world. But why is that important to you? While onboarding emails are crucial to your business, it takes a lot of time and effort to create them. And one of the biggest challenges you may be facing is getting the inspiration you need to write your own onboarding drip campaigns. Why not save yourself the headache and use our database of the best onboarding emails to get your creative juice flowing? These onboarding emails were carefully selected from only the most seasoned digital marketers on the internet like Neil Patel. Want to know more? Scroll down and check out top performing onboarding email sequences from companies like AirBnB and Leadpages. NB: Read below to know what onboarding is and why you should use them.

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Onboarding Email Templates​

The onboarding email examples in our collection are real life examples that are currently getting massive marketing results. And so, you can never go wrong applying the same ideas to your own emails.

With our onboarding email templates, you can easily pick ideas on how to structure your onboarding email sequence to get the results you want. This will not only save you the time and effort of creating onboarding emails from scratch, it will help you see into the minds of successful marketers and think like them, too.

We currently have 25 onboarding email templates for you to choose from and add a few every month. Our onboarding drip templates cut across various industries. We have got onboarding email from real estate and hospitality to digital marketing and health & wellness. So, whatever your industry is, we got you covered. It’s important to mention that all onboarding email sequences in our database are original and unedited.

What is onboarding exactly?

Customer or user onboarding is the nurturing process that helps new users familiarize themselves with your product or service. Onboarding is mostly used by software (saas) businesses to decrease churn (customers cancelling a subscription) which is a key metric for Saas businesses.

An effective onboarding process should have limitless support and guidance, step-by-step how-tos, and set milestones that mark a customer’s level of acquaintance with your product or service.

Why use a onboarding email sequence?

An onboarding email sequence is used to give new paying customers the best possible experience right after purchasing a product. The goal is the get the new customer familiar with the product quickly and help them get the best results (so that they will stay a paying customer). It is important to get the customers to realise the value of the product. Once they do, this is called the “AHA” moment. Most onboarding email sequences focus on getting the customer towards the “AHA” moment. An onboarding email sequence can contain emails that describe the core features and help customers install and use them. These are usually the same for all new customers. However, many businesses also send triggered emails based on user actions. For example, if a user uploads a video on the user will receive a notification once the new video is available online. This gets the customer to continue on their video marketing journey and makes sure Vimeo stays top of mind with the customer.

Giving your customers a memorable onboarding experience tells them that they made the right decision and helps you retain them. Anything short of this will spell doom – you’ll see why in a bit.

There are 2 major reasons for customer churn:

  • 1) First, customers find it hard to understand your product or service.
  • 2) Secondly, your customers didn’t get value for their money.
  • Customer onboarding takes care of these two problems.

Your onboarding email sequence sets the stage for your relationship with your customers. It significantly boosts your customer lifetime value (LTV).

Here are a few more reasons to use onboarding email sequence:

  • 1) Between 40 and 60% of your free trial user will only use your product/service once and never return.
  • 2) You will lose up to 75% of your first time users within the first week.
  • 3) Customer retention helps to reduce cost of customer acquisition and boosts revenue.
  • 4) Most referrals come from excited customers and majority of your revenue will come from existing customers.

Here you are presented with an opportunity to improve your onboarding emails by virtually picking the brains of seasoned marketers.

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