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GetResponse vs Constant Contact 2021 | All-in-one Review

GetResponse vs Constant Contact 2021 | All-in-one Review

Looking for a side-by-side comparison of GetResponse vs Constant Contact? Look no further! In this in-depth review you will discover the differences in pricing, core-features, integrations and the main pros and cons of both tools. You will also learn about the top 3 alternatives of GetResponse or Constant Contact. So continue reading to discover which tool is best for you...

Overal Score: ★★★ 3.6/5

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Overal Score: ★★ 2.5/5

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GetResponse vs Constant Contact Side-by-Side Comparison Table

Below you can find our checklist with which we've analysed Get Response vs Constant Contact. Not only do we try to cover the "what" of each tool, we also try to tell you the "why" by giving you the review scores with our opinion explained (if you hoover over the score itself).

GetResponseConstant Contact
Overall Rating★★★★ 3.6/5★★ 2.5/5
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Pros and cons
Main Pros🟢 Really good value for money🟢 Easy to use (beginner friendly)
 🟢 Solid email & form builder🟢 Great for event marketing
 🟢 Great tracking and reporting🟢 Good email builder (drag & drop)
 🟢 Great splittesting🟢 Great splittesting
 🟢 Lots of email templates🟢 Huge email templates library
 🟢 Native landingpage builder🟢 Good integrations
🟢 Good support
🟢 Good segmentation & tagging
Main Cons🔴 Email templates look outdated🔴 Overpriced for what they offer
 🔴 UX of the Automation builder🔴 Limited form building options
 🔴 Limited form design options🔴 Bad segmentation (manual tagging only)
 🔴 Very basic automations only
🔴 Limited splittesting (only subject lines)
🔴 Outdated email design templates
🔴 Basic reporting only (no visuals also)
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Capabilities Detailed ReviewRatingRating
1 – Email builder★★★★ 4.5/5
GetResponse makes use of a drag and drop editor which is easy to handle. Also nice is the way you can undo/redo actions with a revision history. Also, you can spam-test your emails, which is really cool!
★★★ 3.5/5
Constant Contact is easy to work with. A downside is the limited amound of customization options available within the editor. Visually, it is also a bit outdated.
2 – Email templates★★★ 3.0/5
With GetResponse you have a decent selection of different email templates. They do look a bit outdated though.
★★ 2.0/5
Using Constant Contact's editor makes it easy to customize templates. There are many templates to choose from, but the designs are pretty outdated, though.
3 – Form builder★★★ 4.0/5
Setting up forms with GetResponse is done conveniently with their form builder. It is helpful that you can also create landings pages. The only downsides are that the form design options and the form display options (like pop ups etc) are a bit limited. But if you work with optin software or some of the popular pagebuilders for wordpress like Elementor and thrive, you won't have a problem here.
Constant Contact is as basic as it can be, in terms of building forms. It offers no options like customization, pop ups, slide ins, etc.
4 – List Management & Segmentation★★★★ 4.0/5
​The only downside we came across in point 4 of our GetResponse review was their tagging system is that tagging can not be done manually. Other than that, good segmentation and tagging system.
★★ 2.0/5
Tagging options are limited and difficult to use. You can not automatically tag contacts based on their behaviour, which is a big red flag if you are serious about automation/personalization.
5 – Automation★★★ 3.0/5
GetResponse is decent when it comes to setting up automations. GetResponse is equipped with a nice workflow builder in which all features are conveniently listed and can be applied with drag and drop. It is a little bit outdated though, because you have to leave to automation builder to create new emails (which disrupts your workflow) and deliverability leaves a lot to be desired.
Constant Contact is very limited in setting up automations. There is no visual workflow builder, you can only send very basic autoresponders and everything takes too many clicks to set up. Really one of the worst tools we've reviewed in the automation department.
6 – Splittesting★★★ 3.0/5
The A/B-testing of GetResponse is decent and has the basic features readily available. You can test email content, and split-test individual emails inside automations. You can not splittest a complete automation or funnel however.
The only thing you can A/B test with Constant Contact are the subject lines.
7 – Integrations★★★ 3.5/5
GetResponse integrates with almost every app (also integration with Zapier).
★★★★ 4.0/5
Constant Contact integrates with basically every app (also Zapier integrations).
8 – Reporting★★★★ 4.0/5
GetResponse does tracking and reporting well. It is slightly better than most tools out there, since it has some nice extra features. The best one is ROI tracking.
★★ 2.5/5
Basic tracking and reporting. For advanced metrics not very suitable.
9 – Support & Community★★★ 3.0/5
We've had great support during our GetResponse review. There are many options: email, phone, live chat, and a lot of information elsewhere. They are usually very responsive and helpful, but sometimes not at all.
★★★★ 4.0/5
With Constant Contact, you will have access to an abundance of information. There is a lot of information on their website with many video tutorials. Also, you can contact them through live chat and phone. There is also a community present. We've had good support during our Constant Contact review.
10 – Ease of use★★★ 3.5/5
Sometimes a bit confusing, but in the end you'll manage.
★★★ 3.5/5
You don't need much time to be able to use all features. It works pretty straight forward.
11 – Value for money★★★★ 4.0/5
After completing our GetResponse review, we must say they offer really good value for money.
★★ 2.0/5
A bit expensive, especially if you have a list of 10K plus.
More informationView all featuresView all features
Free trialYesYes
Free planNoNo
Price 1.000 contacts$15/month$45/month
Price 10.000 contacts$65/month$95/month
Price 25.000 contacts$145/month$295/month
Price 50.000 contacts$250/month$335/month
Price 100.000 contacts$450/month$595/month
More informationView pricing plansView pricing plans
Marketing Features
Native Conversion tracking 🔴 🔴
Web activity tracking 🟢 🔴
Splittesting Campaigns 🟢 🟢
Splittesting Automations 🔴 🔴
Dynamic Personalized Content 🟢 🟢
Multichannel Attribution 🔴 🔴
Site Messaging 🔴 🔴
Facebook Integrations 🟢 🟢
SMS Integrations 🔴 🟢
Webinar integrations 🔴 🟢
Native Landingpage builder 🟢 🟢
Native Shopping Cart 🔴 🔴
Shopify integration 🟢 🟢
Woocommerce integration 🟢 🟢
Sales & CRM Features
Leadscoring 🟢 🟢
Native CRM System 🟢 🔴
Task Management 🔴 🔴
Realtime Sales alerts 🟢 🟢
Gmail integration 🟢 🟢
Outlook integration 🔴 🟢
Salesforce integration 🟢 🟢
Mobile App CRM 🔴 🔴
Create quotes & invoices 🔴 🔴
More informationView all featuresView all features
Overall rating★★★ 3.6/5
GetResponse works quickly, is easy to use, and has a good amount of features available. All in all one of the better tools out there.
★★ 2.5/5
After our Constant Contact review we must say the tool is fairly easy to use and contains all the basic features. If you are a beginner, or you only need a basic, simple marketing automation tool, then Constant Contact might be suitable for you. Also, Constant Contact is great for setting up events.
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Top 3 GetResponse Alternatives

Not satisfied with Get Response vs Constant Contact? Below you can find some more alternatives for GetResponse. Want even more alternatives ranked top-to-bottom? Check out our complete overview of the best email marketing services.

Alternative #1: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is definitely the most powerful tool we've review so far. You can easily set up the advanced automations, it has the best A/B-testing out there, plus it has advanced features for marketing ánd sales automation (which is important for B2B).

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Alternative #2: ConvertKit

Convertkit is easy to use, and suitable for those who just got started, or just need their basic automation needs covered. We would especially recommend Convertkit to bloggers, because the founders were bloggers and created the software with this audience in mind. With Convertkit, you can also create landing pages.

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Alternative #3: Drip

Drip is a good tool with some outstanding features. Their targeting & segmentation features are probably the best in the business (because of their "events" feature). We would especially recommend this tool for people working in ecommerce ánd to people who know how to code (javascript).

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Top 3 Constant Contact Alternatives

Not satisfied with Get Response vs Constant Contact? Below you can find some more alternatives for Constant Contact. Want even more alternatives ranked top-to-bottom? Check out our complete overview of the best email marketing services.

Alternative #1: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a very effective tool, especially in setting up automations, A/B-testing, and list management.

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Alternative #2: GetResponse

If you are looking for a good alternative for Mailchimp, then GetResponse may be a good option. It is a tool with great tagging and segmentation options.

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Alternative #3: Drip

Drip is a good tool with some outstanding features. We would especially recommend this tool for people working in ecommerce.

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