Recommended Marketing Tools

We highly recommend using these marketing tools to get your business to the next level! Some of these might be affiliate links where we earn a commission to keep the emaildrips project going.

ActiveCampaign - (from $9/month)

Active Campaign starts at $9/month yet allows you to do what some $1,000/month platforms can't do. You can setup advanced automation, it connects with most apps on the market and it's incredibly easy to use (a lot more than the other email apps). Get a Free Trial

Email Listbuilding Software

Use Email Listbuilding Software to generate more subscribers for your email list.

Thrive Leads - (from $69)

Thrive leads allows you to handle everything that has to do with lead generation on your site. Opt in pop ups, content upgrades, Opt in forms, slide boxes, hello bar types opt in, they also offer the best segmentation on the market.  Get Your Thrive Leads Copy Now

Upviral - (from $25/month)

UpViral allows you to 3-10x the amount of new subscribers you generate through adding a viral element. Get new subscribers to share your site on Social media, referr you to other friends through email, run contests and sweepstakes, viral giveaways and product launches. Get UpViral Now

ConnectLeads - (from $47/month)

Are you using Facebook lead ads? And are you tired of having to manually upload them to your email service provider every day? ConnectLeads solves this problem. With this tool you can automatically import new contacts from Facebook lead ads into your email software. Saves you a bunch of time: Check out ConnectLeads Now

Landingpage Software

Use Landingpage Software to build webpages that you can send traffic to and convert your visitors into subscribers.

Leadpages - (from $37/month)

Need a landingpage but have no time or experience? Check out Leadpages! Leadpages is the worlds most popular landingpage builder. You can have a high converting landingpage live in minutes with their proven templates. But they have a lot more features than just their drag-and-drop page builder. Check them out on their site and Start your free leadpages trial

Clickfunnels - (from $97/month)

Clickfunnels is an All-in-one solution with a Landingpage builder, Autoresponder en Shopping Cart Software all integrated into one single tool. It's the fastest way to set up your funnel (within minutes) and is used by the best marketers worldwide. Start Your Free Trial Now

Copywriting Software

Use Copywriting Software to generate high converting copy for your emails, ads, landingpages, salespages, and more.

Funnel Scripts - (from $497/year)

If you really don't have time to write your own copy, this might be for you. Funnel Scripts is a software that generates proven high converting copy for your salesfunnels within minutes. We're talking copy for your facebook and banner ads, optin- and salespages, email campaigns. Also your webinar slidedecks can be generated with this software. This tool can save you weeks of work per year. Check out the Free Funnel Scripts Webinar To Learn More

Email Retargeting Software

Use Email Retargeting Software to also reach people who DON'T OPEN your email with your message through Ads on Facebook for example.

ConnectAudience - (from $47/month)

ConnectAudience allows you to automatically sync your email database into Facebook ads. This way you can easily retarget your email subscribers with facebook ads without having to constantly upload your contacts manually. This can be a very powerful feature. They also got some other cool features: Check out ConnectAudience here

Shopping Cart Software

Use Shopping Cart Software to convert your email subscribers into customers by offering an easy way to pay for your products online.



SamCart - (from $99/month)

Are you an Online Course Creator looking for a professional shopping cart to get more customers, boost backend revenue, and drive repeat sales? Then checkout Samcart. They've got all the cool features other experts use like Orderbumps, One-click upsells, and more of that good stuff.  Start Your Free 14 Day Trial Now

Conversion & Analytics Software

Use Conversion & Analytics Software to analyse visitor behaviour and optimize for your targets.



Want to add urgency and scarcity into your evergreen funnels to improve conversions? Check out Deadline Funnel. With this tool you can create a unique deadline that's personalized to each user. They've got a lot of cool options and also have reporting to show their added value. Want to check out it? Visit their site and Start Your Free Trial



Heatmap, customer surveys, funnel analytics, customer page usage recording, Hotjar is an affordable one stop shop to understand how your visitors use your site and gather feedback from them to improve your conversion rates and products. Start Your Free Trial Now



Webinar Software

Use Webinar Software to sell your high ticket products or services to your most interested subscribers.



Webinar jam allows you to host up to 5,000 people at the same time for a very affordable yearly rate. It is based on Google hangouts, has very good analytics, notification systems and call to action systems. A real gem if you plan in selling high tickets products. Plus it plugs into Click Funnels. Start Using Webinars Now



Online Course Software

Use Online Course Software to create and sell your online courses to your customers.



Teachable is a great platform is you are selling courses. It really is an all-in-one solution which can scale with you. Its super easy to use and has some important features integrated into it like being able to drip courses, do one-click-upsells, offer payment plans, create an affiliate program for your course and more. Want to learn more? Check out Teachable Now



Traffic Software

Use this Traffic Software to draw in extra visitors to your website.



Pushcrew - (free up to 1.000 subscribers)

If you believe in the power of your email list, you should also be building your pushcrew list. Its work the same as an email list, but with pushcrew you can send messages to your users through their browser. This means you can reach them outside of their inbox, when they are on any site. You can also segment users, automate campaigns for cart recovery, and more cool stuff. Definitely worth a shot: Try Pushcrew for free now



Website personalization

Looking for a good website personalisation tool? Here are a few options.



If you understand the power of personalisation then you have to try RightMessage.  RightMessage helps you to progressively profile your audience. You'll be able to speak more directly to the individuals on your website, showing them exactly how you're able to best serve them. Click here to Try RightMessage for free